Welcome to Golden State Roleplay Community!

Welcome to the Golden State Roleplay Community official website. We are the Elite Emergency Services Community for not only Xbox One, but now Playstation 4! We are actively seeking members to attend our daily roleplay sessions. We offer several departments in our community to give it the realistic feel and an unforgettable experience. We take pride in emergency personal as to we are proud to present that more than several of our clan members have experience in real life experience. We want you to join today by visiting the recruitment tab in the menu.

We want to personally welcome you to the Golden State Roleplay Community,

GSRPC strives for a family oriented and friendly atmosphere where members can achieve beyond the normal spectrum of possiblity in self development and progression in the department of your choice. GSRPC continues to push the envelope in inivating only the most professional and realistic standards in adherence to the operating procedures of actual Public Safety services.

These procedures allow for organization and compliance from all levels of this Community. All mandates, rules, operating procedures, and taskings both in office and in the field come from a diverse group of real law enforcement, emergency medical services, and fire prevention educated staff and dedicated members in this community. All administrators have accepted the task of providing you with all the capabilities, tools, and motivation in your own self development during your time within GSRPC.

Integrity violations, disrespect, racism or discrimination of any sort will be met with disciplinary action up to complete removal and termination from GSRPC. We will not accept nor tolerate unbecoming coduct in our ranks nor will we allow it in our progression as an organization and community.

We operate off of and enforce a Chain of Command (CoC) standard. CoC standards have been put in place to allow for each level of leadership position, from top to bottom, understand its given role, tasking, and leadership obligation as a given rank or position. CoC Members also know as Staff, Head Administration, and Directors of GSRPC have been selected based on variables of leadership capability. They have earned their positions and should be respected as such.

Using such rank or position in attempt of self interest, favoritism, or discrimination upon subordinates will not be tolerated. If this problem arises it is to be immediately reported to next level CoC or to the Division of Directors. We uphold high standards in all members in this organization. All we ask for is dedication, a willingness to learn, and the ability to lead and perform beyond set standards and lastly have fun. Enjoy your experience and make life long experiences, knowledge and friends.



Division of Directors

Community Director – Powell

Xbox One Director – Wubsy

PS4 One Director – Bistline

Professional Policing

Here at GSRP, out law enforcement officer’s (LEO) are taken through three rigorous training courses in order to ensure not only to protect the community, but to serve it.

Advanced Fire Rescue

Not only do our Fire Rescue personnel go through elite training, but they have to receive a 90% or higher on our ‘top secret’ test. Think you can pass? Apply today!

Realistic Life

Every member of GSRP starts with a bank account, backstory, name, and date of birth in order to ensure the realistic aspect of the community. The opportunities are endless!


Opening GSRP in December of 2016, Community Director Powell has been roleplaying since 2013. He has had a niche for roleplaying since 2009 and on his free time, he is pondering on ways to improve GSRP as a whole. Powell believes in christianity which is why patrols on Sundays are not allowed.


Community Director

Being a long time friend of Director Powell, Wubsy joined GSRP in January of 2017. He was appointed to the position of Xbox One Director in September of 2017. Wubsy not only enjoys roleplaying but, he is our most skilled sharpshooter! When he is not training, he is wrecking people in Rainbow Six Seige


Director, Xbox One

Joining in November 2017, on a merge, PS4 Director D. Marcus has made a name for himself as he has made his way up to the position of PS4 Director. D. Marcus not only displays professionalism, but he is a dedicated hard worker, at all times. GSRP is glad we have given him a place to call home.

D. Marcus

Director, Playstation 4




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